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The story of Gallery 4A apartments begun from the Maldis art gallery. The sophisticated nature of this building inspired us to preserve the unique character of the gallery. We aren’t starting a new story of the building. Rather, we open a new chapter, where monumental solidity and spaces that inspire freedom assume the liveliness and coziness typical to homes.

Today, the apartments become a bridge connecting modern everyday life with the romantic history of the old town.

Today, subtle luxury and aesthetics settle here, allowing the details of your life to unfold.

Play of Perspectives

The architecture remembers history but speaks of the future. In Gallery 4A, the charm of the past and modernity merge into a unique composition.

On the side of J. Basanavi
ius street, the facade smoothly blends into the rhythm of other buildings, gallantly nodding to the oldtown's rolling roofs. On the other side, the building with its open terraces and wide windows greets the MO museum and the expressive dome of the first planetarium in Vilnius.


The moment you open the doors of Gallery 4A, you'll be welcomed by the concierge's warm face and surrounded by the tranquillity of the building. The common aesthetic areas breath luxury, decorated with pieces of art that create a unique atmosphere. Convenient parking, elevator, the best quality materials, and the most innovative technical solutions will allow the residents to enjoy the sumptuous surroundings.


The majesty of the building unfolds on each floor of it. Only 11 apartments, each of them amazing the visitors with the astounding height of the ceiling and strikingly huge windows, adorning the homes with plenty of natural light and views of the old town architecture. The features of the Penthouse apartment will surprise even those that have seen it all.


In the newly reborn surroundings of Gallery 4A, you’ll find unrecognizably changed areas of the city. A few minutes away, in the heart of the old town, a vibrant life of arts and culture is bubbling. Those that adore the green spaces of the city will easily reach Reformatai garden and Vingriai springs, where leisure, culture, and history merges. Those that will settle in Gallery 4A will enjoy a unique atmosphere and the proud feeling of home thanks to the solemn church bells and the view of red city roofs of the old town.

Basanavičiaus 4a, Vilnius
  • Safety and security solutions
  • Highest quality doors and windows
  • Scenic views of the oldtown
  • High ceiling
  • Terraces and balconies
  • Monumental building architecture
  • The neighboring breath of the oldtown
  • Impressive spaces of the building
  • The luxurious finish of the common areas

This place is unique. The site so calm yet right next to the oldtown hum. A place where you wish to stay longer, as so much history has gone past it. A place you wouldn’t want to banalize; you wish to rise up here – both personally and architecturally. It is a place where eclectics, postmodernism, modern and sober historical rhythms, growing taller and humbly evening your cornice with the neighbor’s merge.

Residing here – for long or for short – will be an exceptional experience. The building’s gallery-like DNA remains, with impressive heights of the spaces that will not allow forgetting the primary artistic function of the building. Yet, an inversion will happen. In the olden days, the observer would come from the old town to see art in the gallery. Now, the places will be swapped, and the observer will be watching the painting of oldtown roofs and towers, as if they were a priceless piece of art, from the building through the vast windows.

Releven is a team of visionaries who have been uniting professionals from different fields for 15 years. We became convinced that a high-quality building alone is not enough for unique projects throughout this period. Decisions are dictated by location, customers, and future prospects.

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